Iconic Winter Fashion

The seasons are well and truly changing and the colder days and darker nights are upon us. In terms of fashion, the cooler weather presents more opportunities for really experimenting with outfits, and putting our own stamp on what we wear. 

Summer is great, but the hot weather means we have quite little choice in what we wear. Cooler temperatures mean we can experiment with different layers, and be a bit more individual with our style. 

In celebration of the Autumn/Winter season, we’re taking a look at some of the most iconic looks from TV and film.

Cameron Diaz – The Holiday 

In the classic Christmas film The Holiday we see Cameron Diaz’ character, Amanda, wearing a cream turtleneck jumper. Such a simple piece yet is one of the standout outfits of the whole film. In reality, turtlenecks are a great piece to have in your wardrobe. They can be worn alone, or layered underneath dresses, coats or t-shirts to give your look more interest and warmth!

Cameron Diaz as Amanda in The Holiday

Donna Reed – It’s a Wonderful Life 

Despite not being a big hit on it’s initial release, It’s a Wonderful Life has become one of the most iconic Christmas films of all time, with families still laughing and crying at it nearly 70 years on. Mary Hatch, played by Donna Reed, wears a beautiful burgundy dress with a lace trim. It’s stunning, and just one of many gorgeous dresses we see her wear in the film. 

Donna Reed as Mary in It’s a Wonderful Life

Mara Wilson – Miracle on 34th Street 

In this lighthearted Christmas classic, Susan, played by Mara Wilson, wears a gorgeous tartan dress. It’s inspired many items of children’s clothing as well as womenswear since. We have our own bespoke take on this dress available on our website. 

Mara Wilson as Susan in Miracle on 34th Street

Rachel Green – Friends 

Not only did Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel, inspire one of the most popular haircuts of the 90’s, she also wore some pretty iconic outfits, so much so that Vogue did an entire article on How to Dress Like Rachel From Friends. Just one of many amazing outfits Rachel wore was this white turtleneck and plaid tennis-style skirt. So simple, yet she looks amazing. Plus, with the recent resurgence of tennis skirts, this outfit is still super on-trend.

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel in Friends

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